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  • More Cost-effective and Steadfast Custom Software tailored for your business effectiveness and productivity
  • Agran’s Project Management and custom software development teams understand your challenges and builds highly scalable, tailored functions which helps you make the best of your IT investments
  • We are team with expert project management, software developers, Testers, Business analysts who can understand your requirements and build a software as you need

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Custom Software Development Services

Argan specializes in custom software development, ensuring business efficiency and growth in a volatile digital landscape. They design, build, and deploy software for specific requirements, and productivity through costume software and own build infrastructure.

Software Consulting

As a top software development consulting agency, we strategize, design, and recommend the right software and infrastructure solutions, utilizing in-house experts with the latest technology stacks, ensuring cost-effective and suitable solutions for your business requirements.

Software Product Development Services

We utilize the latest software development trends and technology stack to expedite product development timelines, providing robust, end-to-end services including market research, requirement gathering, cost analysis, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Software Integration Services

We can easily adapt existing software, migrate it with new products and technology, and accommodate different levels of integration, from small components to large systems.

Enterprise Software Development

We offer online, in-house software solutions for various industries, with soft branding options tailored to client specifications.


Our infra and software maintenance services are crucial for maintaining software stability and ensuring smooth business operations in a competitive environment.
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